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The Shadow Chasers Paranormal Investigations & Research Organization were founded at the University of Potsdam in 2002 as a study in anthrolpological field research. As a result, the team are CITI certified social sciences researchers following the professional protocols of in-field psychology and anthropology researchers.

The Shadow Chasers primary objective in investigating the paranormal is to document regional folklore, including reports of haunted sites and mysterious creatures, with the aim of identifying the origins of paranormal claims. As university trained professionals utilizing environmental survey technologies and methods the team is on the forefront of ghost hunting technology.

After hundreds of paranormal cases throughout New York, the Shadow Chasers have been featured in countless media including features on Fox TV, the Folklore & Frost Documentaries on PBS TV, radio broadcasts, the Haunted New York books. The Shadow Chasers have released three books Chasing Shadows: New York Ghosts, Nightfall and Hysteria

Currently the Shadow Chasers are the primier Ghost Hunters in Central New York teaching the "Chasing Shadows" courses at Herkimer County Community College, working with Lite 98.7 WLZW and Townsquare Media to help preserve haunted historic locations through paranormal research while educating the general public about Central New York's Haunted History through public events like the Haunted Rails~Ghost Train and the CNY Paranormal series.