The original foundation of the Shadow Chasers was based on documenting oral traditions and authenticating undocumented rural folklore. The secondary founding principle was to provide psychological counseling and insight into the origins of rural accounts of the preternatural-supernatural.

Through authenticating accounts the SCPIR co-opted Environmental Survey Techniques in an attempt to identify the origin of reported phenomena.

  • Folklore Documentation
  • Environmental Quality Survey
  • Electromagnetic Survey
  • Remediation


Folklore Documentation

Purpose: Document rural folkore and urban legends in accordance with SCPIR Protocol. Provide counseling, identify source(s) and/or remediation.

  -Document Environment
  -Document Investigation



Environmental Survey

Purpose: Document environmental conditions of site to authenticate witness statments and investigation of site.

-Lighting Conditions
-Barometric Pressure




 Electromagnetic Survey

Purpose: Identify any environmental anomalies that could be the source(s) of rural/urban folklore that could be determined phenomena.

  • ElectroStatic Survey
  • EMF/RF Survey
  • Radiation Survey
  • InfraRed Survey
  • InfraSonic Survey


After the SCPIR has concluded their investigation of the site a remediation plan may be reccomended for subject(s)/informant(s)

  • Electromagnetic Sympathetic Resonance
  • Environmental Stabilization
  • Belief Implementation