Regional Study of Preternatural Phenomena & Beliefs

Research: Researchers will identify regional accounts of preternatural phenomena through identifying subjects with account(s) or site(s) of presumed preternatural phenomena. Accounts will be documented and investigated to the full extent of methods available to researchers.

Goal: Document previously unrecorded regional accounts and identify the origin of regional accounts of the preternatural. Secondary-provide assistance to subjects through counseling and remediation.


Phillip Creighton Effects of Belief in the Supernatural on Individual Behavior in Urban and Rural Environments. (Potsdam, SUNY Potsdam 2006)

Thelma Moss Probability of the Impossible: Scientific Discovery & Experience in a Psychic World (LA, JP Tarcher 1974)

Jack Hunter Investigating Discarnate Intelligence 2009


Benefits of Research: Subjects participating in research will receive analysis, documentation and (if required) remediation.

Participants: Participants are individuals that are willing to submit personal account(s), evidence or site for analysis by the SCPIR for documentation.

Survey Techniques:

  • Electromagnetic & Radiometric Survey of site for anomalies.
  • Thermal Survey of site for anomalies.
  • Infrasonic Analysis of site for anomalies.

Documentation Techniques:

  • Digital Photography & Videography
  • Digital Audiography
  • Field Research journal
  • Field notes & Reports

Additional Methods:

  • Metaphysical Consultants (eg psychics, dowsing etc)

Additional survey methods may be employed on an 'as needed' basis to ensure all environmental conditions can be accounted for during the documentation process.

*As Needed is defined by researchers and dictated by environmental conditions.

Potential Risk(s): Subject(s) might experience increased preternatural activity. Subject(s) with public research might become subject to regional scrutiny or ridicule.

Means to minimize risk: Subject(s) will determine level of exposure prior to results disemination. All names, addresses and sensitive information will be held confidential under all circumstances.

Informed Consent: All subject(s) and responsible parties for site(s) will sign waiver for informed consent. To assure researchers and subject(s) accept responsiblity and understand the research project.

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