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Preservation Projects

The Shadow Chasers has had success in local projects designed to bring awareness to local historic sites, as well as to assist with fundraising. If you are interested in working with the Shadow Chasers to develop a project for your location, please contact us.

The Shadow Chasers have worked with PBS Watertown, NY and TownSquare Media in Utica, NY to develop media projects to draw attention to the history of various regions. In 2007 the Shadow Chasers worked with Jefferson County Historical Society to develop a museum exhibit and tour based on the haunted history of Jefferson County. In 2008 and 2009 the Shadow Chasers worked with WPBS to develop a documentary series and tour utilizing the paranormal history of Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties. In 2010 the Shadow Chasers worked with TownSquare Media to conduct tours of historic sites in Oneida County.

The Shadow Chasers utilize the history of a site to help develop context for hauntings. This context helps foster understanding of the paranormal, as well as of the spirits themselves.

When the Shadow Chasers investigate a location they find all available history on that location. When the history of a building is known, it helps provide a context for the haunting. When a name can be given to a spirit, it helps make history come alive, as well as fostering an understanding of the paranormal events occurring in the location. The Shadow Chasers have made it their mission to bring humanity to paranormal research. We emphasize that spirits are not just disembodied energy forms, but are people, with emotions, opinions, and personalities. When the history of a location is taken into consideration, this brings a whole new understanding to paranormal activity. 

  • Haunted History Trail

  • Haunted History

    The Shadow Chasers partnered with Lite 98.7 WLZW in 2010 to create an October project that could be fun for participants and draw attention to neglected historic locations. Together with Lite 98.7, the project has raised awareness and funding for more than 15 Historic Locations including:

    • Gen. Herkimer Home
    • Herkimer Historical
    • Remsen Historical
    • Hulbert House
    • Rome Capitol Theater
    • and more...

    In January 2011 the Shadow Chasers working with Lite 98.7 helped to create the "CNY Paranormal" series of articles re-telling regional folklore and accounts of the paranormal in our region.

  • Night of Shadows

  • Folklore and Frost

    In 2008 the Shadow Chasers partnered with WPBS Television, Watertown PBS to investigate 6 historic locations and provide media support for the Folklore & Frost Documentary about Jefferson County along with 5 weekend tours. The documentary continues to be the top selling and requested documentary on WPBS. The team continued their partnership with WPBS in 2009 and into 2010 producing two more segments and documentaries.

  • Haunted Jefferson County