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In early 2011 the NY Shadow Chasers extended our partnership with Lite 98.7 WLZW by contributing articles to Lite 98.7 based on regional folklore, stories, investigations and other paranormal happenings in Central New York.


The CNY Paranormal series has taken off with countless regional stories, accounts and encounters brought to light.

On June 1st, 2012 Lite 98.7 advnaced the project by bringing the CNY Paranormal Portal to ‘life’ in the new web-based series, the CNY Paranormal Show.


Top Articles of the Month:

CNY Paranormal Show Season 1, Episode 1 [VIDEO] - The CNY Paranormal Portal comes to 'life' in our new web-based series, the CNY Paranormal Show. [Read the full Story]

The Phantom Bride of 13 Curves - Syracuse - "Among the various ghost stories and urban legends, the story of the bride, the woman in white that haunts a particular roadway is a story that is so common that variations are found in every state and a multitude of countries around the globe.

One such story is that of the Phantom Bride of 13 Curves in Marcellus, just southwest of Syracuse." [Read the full Story]

Abandoned Amusement Park - North Hudson's Frontier Town - North Hudson "When we talk about ghosts, we are often discussing the forgotten people. Their names and identities have been erased, replaced with the translucent image of someone who was once alive. Sure, there are some famous ghosts, who are as well known in death as they were in life, sometimes more. But, for the most part, the ghosts we encounter are those who have not moved on in death, even as those who knew and loved them have moved on. But not all ghosts happen to be living entities." [Read the full Story]

The Haunted Statue of Blithewood Mansion - Blithewood Mansion - "When discussing the paranormal, often what is talked about are haunted locations, or haunted people. We talk about the places that ghosts haunt, or the people they are attached to, even after life. But what isn’t often talked about are haunted objects." [Read the full Story]

Would You Stay in a Haunted Historic Location? - "Turning historic homes into Bed and Breakfasts has become increasingly popular in our society. Older homes change owners so frequently that it is rare to find a home that has remained in one family throughout its existence. In some of these Bed and Breakfasts, those former owners remain, even beyond the grave…" [Read the full Story]

The Hauntings of Starr Hill Road - Starr Hill Rd - "As paranormal investigators, we are interested in the history of sites. Sometimes, what we get instead is the legend of the location, leaving us to fill in the gaps of history. As we are located out of Remsen, NY, we often get requests for information on haunted cemeteries on Starr Hill Road, which runs from Remsen to Steuben. We are told stories of a cemetery off of Starr Hill Road that contains an old rocking chair. It is local legend that anyone who sits in the ghostly rocking chair will meet a mysterious death. We don’t know about any rocking chairs of death, but there is an interesting ghost story connected with the road itself." [Read the full Story]

The Haunting of Stone Mill - Little Falls - "One of the questions paranormal investigators ask themselves is regarding the location of haunted sites. Anecdotal evidence tells us that there are a lot of haunted buildings by rivers and other bodies of water. Folklore tells us that ghosts can’t cross running water, so does this mean that spirits hit a river and then stop at the nearest building? Science tells us that water conducts electricity dissipating the current, so it is a barrier to the passage of electricity, which backs up the folklore. That still leaves us with the question about hauntings near bodies of water. Whether you believe in science or folklore, we are left with a lot of ghosts residing along our waterways." [Read the full Story]

The Haunting of Hulbert House - Boonville - "The Hulbert House was built in 1812 in Boonville, NY. Since it was built, Hulbert House has been active as an inn, and was at one time one of the most well-known places to stay in the region. Their registration book holds the signatures of many historic figures- including..." [Read the full Story]