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Haunted History Project

Rome Historical Society on Kickoff Night
The Shadow Chasers have partnered with Town Square Media for an amazing opportunity. Together with Town Square Media (Lite 98.7, Big Frog 104, Oldiez 96 and WIBX 950) we have put together a project to help raise money and draw attention to historic sites. While we worked with Jefferson County Historical (Christine) in the past and WPBS TV for the last two years and these were outstanding opportunities this genuinely feels like the direction the Shadow Chasers should be heading in. Not only are the Shadow Chasers participating in the community but now we're actually drawing attention to and helping historic sites. All of us have some background in history, archaeology or museum studies and this is our first real push to blend both our interests and help our communities at the same time.
Rome Historical Society
submitted by Peter Naughton

Our Kick off lecture/seminar at the Capitol Theater went phenomenally well. We actually got 82 people to participate and join us on Thursday. We also sold out 2 nights during intermission.

First Investigation Rome Historical Society - This was the first time ever anyone had ever investigated the building. The director was very accommodating and even showed us a variety of secret passages, hidden access ways and more. We had a decent size turnout and everyone was really invested in the work tracking anomalies, exploring and even managed a bunch of great photos.

Remsen Stone Meeting House the second investigation of the project was actually oversold with almost 30 people in attendance. While there was a strange portion of people that actually just sat in the pews and took photos the more adventurous people joined Phil and Josh outside where the Old Carriage House grounds were. While out there a number of people actually caught an amazing mist/apparition.

Mist apparition with face caught by Lindsay Palla.
While the this weekend was phenomenal in terms of turn out we can't wait to see what this Halloween weekend brings. Stephen Wagner from About.com Paranormal will be joining us on Friday at the Rome Historical Society then again on Sunday(Halloween) at the Capitol Theater. We can't wait to see what attendees catch this weekend!