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Ghost Hunting For Charity With The Marine Corps League


On May 6th, 2013 the Shadow Chasers investigated the Ilion Marine Corps Legion in Ilion after numerous reports of paranormal phenomena surfaced. After an extensive investigation the team was able to document a wide array of paranormal phenomena including a number of EVPs and even visual anomalies.

Now, on November 16th, the Shadow Chasers in conjunction with the Herkimer County Marine Corps League Detachment on Second Street in Ilion are working to raise money for charity with a public ghost hunt so this holiday season so that all kids will have presents under the tree.


November 16th 

7PM - 1AM

Marine Corp League

178 2nd Street

Ilion, NY

During the paranormal investigation, participants will be divided into groups and will have an opportunity to explore the building. The Shadow Chasers will show participants how to use the investigative equipment and lead them in their own paranormal investigation of the former school.

Participants are encouraged to show up 15 minutes before their scheduled time to learn the history of the site as well as the Shadow Chasers site results. Attendees are urged to bring flashlights and cameras.

The event will benefit the Toys For Tots, and several local charities that the Marine Corp League represents. 

The cost to take part in the investigation is $10 for a couple or $6 for an individual. Participants may pay at the door. All proceeds will be donated to the Herkimer County Marine Corps League Detachment. Space is limited to 120 participants.

If interested in participating, call 894-4636 or contact the Shadow Chasers

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