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New Ghost Hunting Tech - S.P.E.C.T.R. Wand

After a bit of trial-and-error with this technology we created the Sonic Probe with Enhanced Camera and Track Recording.

We were able to hear EVPs in real-time through the device, record them and track the fields that were creating them.

The induction coil technology allows an investigator to track down energy fields (AC/DC EMF, Static and even RF) with surprising speed. Needing to document the results and doubling as a power source, the wand can be connected to a voice recorder or amplifier to record the sounds of the fields at a location. Providing further authentication, a Digital Camera/Camcorder flashlight has been mounted to the non-conductive wand to assist in documenting a survey of a site. Other modifications like adding a laser net or condenser mic are also possible.


New Ghost Hunting Tech - Sony NEX VG 20 Review

The Sony NEX VG 20 takes our favored adaptable camera-camcorder set up of the Mitsuba HDC505 with it's compact camcorder body and digital still camera capabilities to a whole new level. The VG20 features a full-frame ASP-C sized sensor, full pro features with manual aperture, shutter, focus and full manual controls and places it in a compact camera that serves perfectly for walkthrough and interview-history sessions. The camcorder can also shoot 16.2MP digital stills and with the ILC E-Mount system, the camera is an ultimate all-in-one. An exceptional camera for videographers.



Panasonic AG DVC30 Review [Update] - Ghost Hunting Tech


Review Update for the Panasonic AG-DVC30 Camcorder. This is a 3CCD MiniDV Camcorder with 60i and 30p modes, this camera model was used to record the first two seasons of 'Ghost Hunters' before the switch to the HMC40 and subsequent switch to modified camcorders in recent seasons.

After using the camcorder for videography and paranormal videography work for the last two years, the camcorder has exceptional quality for the price-point today. It boasts a full set of professional features for shooting and is capable of 16x9 high-quality footage. The Substandard mics and fact that it is MiniDV tape prevent it from being the perfect camera.