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Review of the SEM meter for Ghost Hunting

The SEM 'meter' by Digital Dowsing for Ghost Hunting is actually a Simple Energy Detector, very similar to the E-Pods but more sensitive and cost-efficient. 

Simple Energy Meter
Detects changes in the fields around the device gives off an alert tone


Review of the Mel-8704R 'Mel-Meter' for Ghost Hunting

The Mel-8704R is the basic model of the Mel-Meter monitoring the AC Electromagnetic fields and ambient temperature. This is a single axis EMF meter with backlight and peak/hold functions.


Review of the New E-Probe Ghost Hunting Equipment

The E-Probe by Colorado Para-Tech claims to be the REM portion of the Mel-REM Meter however this is not quite true. The EM-Probe or E-Probe is actually an Electrical Field Detector. It is sensitive enough to pick up the DC Electrical field of the human body but the sensitivity also proves to be one of the difficulties in using the device. As the device needs to be adjusted constantly to prevent saturation of the circuits. 
Overall, for less than $50 it's a solid and reliable investment despite it's quirks.