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Review of the Ambient Temperature Monitor for Ghost Hunting

The Ambient Temperature Monitor is a simple piece of technology that reacts to temperature changes in the immediate vicinity of the device. Changing the lights (and tone) with regards to the temperature change. Hot-Red Cold-Blue.




Review of the Geophone for Ghost Hunting

The Geophone is another co-opted technology. Long-since it was created by Geologists and Seismologists to monitor for earthquakes these simplified models are designed to identify vibration anomalies in the environment.

This particular model features a sensitivity adjustment that can make it sensitive enough to detect footsteps from anywhere in a house or even voices that are close enough to it.


Review of the ES Probe for Ghost Hunting

The ES Probe by Digital Dowsing is a very novel concept that assumes that air pressure(our voices) have a hard time being interpreted as energy. So the objective is to 'talk' in energy rather than sound.

The ES Probe plugs into any microphone that has a 3.5mm audio out jack. The microphone changes audio into electrical pulses (these are usually transformed back into audio through speakers or earbuds etc) but the ES simply transmits the pulses into the environment as EM pulses. 

Think of the ES Probe as a 'Speaker for Spirits.'

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