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New Ghost Hunting Tech - The S.P.E.C.T.R. wand.

The Shadow Chasers are constantly persuing the most aplicable and accurate technologies available to investigate claims of the paranormal. Most of the time we leave development of new ghost hunting technology to other more ambitious individuals or just co-opt new technology on the market.

Sometimes, it just takes a bit of modification and other times we end up using that tech for is designed purpose, we just happen to use it on an investigation. Then, an a rare occasion our ambition takes hold and we try to develop technology ourselves.

After a conversation with our station engineer about inductive coils and how they could function to track stray energy fields (AC/DC EMF, ES, RF), we speculated that inductive coil technology could be used if designed properly.

If more than one unit was used, it would be possible to triangulate the fields even in outdoor locations.

Thus gave birth to the idea that through this technology we could not only hear energy fields in real-time but also track them and theoretically be able to hear EVPs in real-time as well.

We needed to develop a prototype, something cost effecient and also something that could meet a number of criteria that are necessary for a tool on an investigation.

We needed something that could not only use this tech to help us identify and track energy fields but we needed some means of documenting the results from this technology and some means of authenticating the results.

After a bit of trial-and-error with this technology we created the Sonic Probe with Enhanced Camera and Track Recording.

While we were cynical about it's effectiveness in the field, we constructed a prototype and tested it on a couple of investigations, ghost hunts. It exceeded all expectations and proved to be one of the most valuable tools in the field.

We were able to hear EVPs in real-time through the device, record them and track the fields that were creating them.

The induction coil technology allows an investigator to track down energy fields (AC/DC EMF, Static and even RF) with surprising speed. While meters are still required to verify the field strength and intensity, the probe can rapidly identify field sources.

Needing to document the results and doubling as a power source, the wand can be connected to a voice recorder or amplifier to record the sounds of the fields at a location. Providing further authentication, a Digital Camera/Camcorder flashlight has been mounted to the non-conductive wand to assist in documenting a survey of a site. Other modifications like adding a laser net or condenser mic are also possible.

Another strength is the ability to attach the probe to a signal analyzer to moniter the actual field strength and measure it.

We are looking at producing these for other teams. Let us know if you are interested.


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