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What Are Ghost Orbs in Spirit Photography? 

One of the most controversial subjects in paranormal research is that of the spirit photography, ghost photos. These are a constant source of debate as so many factors can lead to false positives. The worst subject of course is that of 'Orbs.'

Spirit Orbs are essentially these little light balls that are caught in photos or in some instances, video of reportedly haunted locations. Some even have a temperature change associated with them.

Many, too many, investigators attempt to imply meaning on this phenomena. They look for patterns in the orbs examining the matrixing of those patterns or imply meaning on specific colors. Rather than being objective and analyzing what created the phenomena, they are focused on applying beliefs to an objective phenomena.

Now, in photography there are many possible explanations for these orb anomalies in photos including environmental effets like rain, mist, snow etc. Other photographic explanations include artifacting from particulates in the air, orb backscatter, errors in image processing from the camera itself and environmental kickbacks.

Therein lies the first issue with Orb phenomena, identification. Many investigators look for specific indicators in a photo to establish whether it is actually an orb or artifacting. Even professional scientists have issues when analyzing photos for this phenomena. So, rather than identifying the phenomena outright it is more plausible to eliminate the other possiblitiies until they are left with the potential of it being the phenomena.

The next issue is for validation of the phenomena. Many dispute the legitamacy of the 'Spirit Orb' phenomena even after verifying that it is not an artifact. This is also where knowledge and validation depends on research.

In the field an investigator is tracking a high EMF reading, or maybe static or RF and then another researcher takes a photo. 

The investigators capture an 'Orb' in the photo and attribute it to the paranormal. They cite that it is an indicator of a spirit or maybe even claim it IS the spirit. Skeptics immediately scoff at the finding while investigators claim validation through their meters, readings and methods.

While it is paranormal (something beyond normal) is it actually the ghost? What are the other possibilites?


Plasmoids and Ball Lightning

Ball Lightning is actually an unexplained atmospheric electrical phenomena that appears as luminous, spherical objects varying from pea-sized to several meters in diameter. Commonly associated with thunderstorms, but lasts considerably longer than the split-second flash of a lightning bolt. Interestingly enough early reports claimed that the ball eventually explodes, with fatal consequences, leaving behind the odor of sulfur. 

So what is Ball Lightning? 

Plasmoids are a coherent structure of plasma and magnetic fields that are hypothesized to explain natural phenomena such as ball lightning, magnetic bubbles in the magnetosphere, and objects in cometary tails. 

How are plasmoids created? Well, it's fairly simple actually. 

Plasmoids, while rare are created by conducting high energy through a heat source. In this demonstration high RF is passed through a flame resulting in a superchraged plasma bolt, or Orb.


In researching the paranormal, there are numerous reports of mysterious lights that seem to appear around haunted sites dating back hundreds of years. These spooklights had to have some foundation in reality, not just supersitition. As researchers examined the phenomena, a better understanding of physics came into play. 

Orb phenomena while still controversial is legitamate from a scientific stand-point. Orbs are ionized air, charged plasmoids created at or around the reportedly haunted site. The higher the energy discharge, the more opaque the captured 'ghost orbs' become. As the energy dissipates it decreases rapidly becoming more and more faint until it dissipates outright.

Are these paranormal? Yes, they are a 'beyond normal' or 'rare earth' phenomena. Are they ghosts? Unlikely. Many documented, captured orbs demonstrate an intelligence, a path of sorts and interact with changes in the environment. In reality, the orb phenomena actually follow ion currents in the environment and travel rapidly away from the point of discharge. We know how these are made, but we do not know the source of what made them. 

Investigators use 'Orb Photos' as indicators of the paranormal at a site, which is a valid hypothesis since Orb phenomena are actually a rare, paranormal, phenomena.

Should we discredit orb photos? Or does it seem more logical to attempt to identify the cause of this phenomena at a haunted site? 





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