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New Ghost Hunting Technology

New Ghost Hunting Equipment

I originally started formally investigating the paranormal back in 2001/2002 as the result of an anthropology fieldwork course. When I was first starting out it was a matter of anthropology, claims of the paranormal were just folkloric accounts. All I needed was a cassette recorder to document the accounts and access to a computer to transcribe the interview for the records. Investigations were simple and the purpose was clear, document the folklore to preserve these legends.

Late 2002-2003 investigations took on another aspect, understanding why people believed in these stories. Adding environmental survey technology and even psychology to investigations became the norm. Environmental survey tech was needed to authenticate claims, was there something in the environment that was causing behavioral changes or was there objective evidence to be found? 
Since that time, investigations became a combination of authentication technology and documentation technology. At first it was magnetometers and hardline CTS cameras but things were still in question. Investigations were laborious and the technology was only adding to the problem. To assure that the client was receiving the best possible results we had to keep appraised of new technology that could help and adopt whatever was best for our work.
 Today paranormal investigation technology still falls into one of three primary categories/roles; Documentation, Authentication and Communication/Experimental.
The best possible technology for any paranormal investigation or ghost hunt currently available includes:
Sony HDD Nightshot Camcorders for portability and extended-life batteries with slow-shot & tripods for static cams. These make setting up a quick effort and are far more adaptable than hardline or wireless CTS camera systems.
Zoom H1/H3 Audio Recorders for clarity of audio and sophistication of playback capabilities.
Magnitec 263 Tri-field AC Electromagnetic Radiation meter. This EMF meter is the most accurate providing peak axis and RMS averaging with adjustable backlit display.
Archos 5 IMT This tablet is easily adaptable becoming an EMF meter, oscilloscope, RF analyzer or anything else that could be necessary depending on the accessories available.

PX Ovilus from Digital Dowsing. The device takes in environmental energies and outputs the results as audible translations such as phonetics or samples from the internal dictionary.
New Ghost Hunting Technology
While these are the best possible technology for ghost hunting right now it doesn't meant that there aren't new innovations in the works. Through our experience we have found many questionable technology sources and a few very strong, reliable sources. Amazon and eBay are very strong places for finding technology if you know what you are looking for but these are not the newest tech nor the most innovative. The best technology outfitters that we have found include LessEMF, Digital Dowsing, Paranologies and Ghoststop.
One innovation in camera technology is the new Looxcie LX2 camcorder. This is an ear-worn 5-10hr camcorder that utilizes Bluetooth technology to pair with a smartphone or tablet. The Looxcie is designed to record at standard resolution for a set period of time or the most innovative feature; record on a continuous loop at lower quality and saving short clips as the record button is pressed. While not an IR camera it makes an excellent POV cam with wireless capabilities so it can be viewed from 15-20ft away.
Digital Dowsing and founder Bill Chapel are widely know for his creative innovations in ghost hunting technology. Digital Dowsing has a wide array of innovative and brilliant technology with both soft-science and legitimate science for paranormal authentication.
Some of the most brilliant technologies that have recently been developed include the Thermasound, a device that scans a room for sonar and thermal variations logging multiple data points that can later be reviewed; The Visual Ovilus, basically an IR camera with a built-in ovilus that displays the words on the video; the ES Probe, a device that translates audio impulses into electromagnetic impulses; the SEM detectors, an E-detector that reacts to bio-electric, DC, AC and static fields.






Ghoststop has become a large ghost hunting outfitter and is not only responsible for all of the basic investigative tools but they have also started producing a few new devices including a new long-life laser net for more accurate measurements and an experimental spirit touch device that is similar in design to the SEM detectors built by Digital Dowsing.


This new technology is not entirely innovative but they do have improvements on basic equipment and a wide array drawing on the most practical and widely used ghost hunting technology by amateur investigators.



The most innovative new technology that we have seen is actually coming from custom designers that have extensive experience with electronics and ghost hunting. Groups like Moditronic that modify cameras and produce Full Spectrum Cameras (or para-spectrum) that video and photo UV and IR, or produce devices like the Paracorder, a static detector and EM pump. Other individuals manufacture Geophones, EM pumps and IR illuminators to help with authentication or documentation of phenomena.


One group that is producing the most innovative new paranormal technology is Paranologies. A group out of Texas that is producing the most creative and professional technology to fill the gaps in current ghost hunting technology with devices like 180 illuminators (UV, IR) that light up a full room; Parascope, a simple energy detectors (like digital dowsing); Para-Pyramid that provides sonar detection; more sophisticated geophones; integrated dvr 180 cameras and by-far the most brilliant piece of technology the Tri-Field Audio-Visual Recorder, a device that films 4 different angles at once with two independent channel omni-directional microphones.






In the past, paranormal research equipment has been developed in laboratories for university researchers. As ghost hunting became a mainstream past-time, the last decade has seen more innovation in authentication, documentation and communication technology than any other point in research history. One can only wonder what the next advancements will be.

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EXCELLENT! I have Stumbled, Tweeted, G+d, FB'd, Tumbled...anything I could think to share this I did. Phenomenal. Very well done!

February 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCourtney Mroch

Thanks Courtney

February 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPW Creighton

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