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Ghostly Voices Captured On Hotel Utica's Forbidden Floor

Title_Card_Thumb_EVP_FISteeped in history and legends, New York is filled with stories of the forgotten, eerie and the weird that influence us everyday. Ghost Hunters and guests explored the floors of the haunted Hotel Utica on Halloween night and captured some in pursuit of the unknown.

On Halloween night, Haunts & Legends LIVE came to the Hotel Utica with SyFy stars Kris Williams of Ghost Hunters and Chris DiCesare to guide hotel guests and the curious through an exploration of the hotel. Several attendees have shared the evidence that they've captured including several examples of Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVPs and even a ghostly photo.

The EVPs were recorded by two attendees on the Forbidden Floors of Hotel Utica. The first comes from the early investigation of the floor when the group had split up to explore. An unintelligible voice is heard a moment before a female voice says

Unknown Voice   "...unintelligible..."

Female Voice    "....Hi There."

The second EVP is from another attendee and another unintelligible voice can be heard on the recording that sounds similar to the third recording. The Third EVP captured on the Forbidden Floor is from another attendee.

Investigator    "....Is he here?"

Unknown Voice    "...Nooo...."

During the investigation tours attendees recorded disembodied voices through EVPs, captured strange mists and orbs on photos and even reported seeing fleeting figures and other ghostly images. Several other attendees recorded EVPs including that of a female voice and another of a male voice. One attendee actually recorded a dancing ball of light on her camera (which we’re hoping she’ll share with us) in one of the rooms.



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