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13 Haunted Iconic New York Locations That You Can Investigate

Fall is upon us, and throughout October and fall comes the peak season for paranormal investigations. Everything takes on a spooky tone, and many locations that open for public events start to offer special Halloween events. In addition to locally run events, there are many historic locations which offer opportunities for the public to investigate these historic haunted buildings.


13 Buffalo Central Terminal

Featured on Ghost Hunters, it is an ornate art-deco train terminal in use from the ‘20s to the ‘70s. Now derelict, it has been featured on Ghost Hunters, and is available for private tours. This Halloween, a candlelight tour of the building is being offered.



12 Rolling Hills Asylum

Investigated by both Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, Rolling Hills was first a coach stop, which was converted into a home for the mentally ill, which slowly became converted into a nursing home. After the nursing home was closed, the building was abandoned until it was turned into Carriage Village, a small mall. It is currently open only as a paranormal hotspot, offering tours of the location.



11 Miss Fanny’s Victorian Party House

Built in the 1860s, this home is incredibly haunted. Open only to private events, this building has been featured on Haunted Collector, and offers private investigations and other private events.



10 Dunkirk Lighthouse

Overlooking Lake Erie, this building has paid witness to multiple shipwrecks. It is one of the few lighthouses still outfitted with a Fresnel lens and lantern, dating from 1857. This lighthouse and naval museum are open for public tours during the day, can be rented for private investigations at night, and also host various Halloween tours during the month of October.



9 Main Street Armory

Built in 1905, as a home to New York’s 3rd Battalion, it fell into disrepair, until it was turned into an events center. Notoriously haunted, it has been investigated by both Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. It can be rented for private investigations, but seems to focus more on being a premiere venue for weddings and parties, instead of focusing on its haunted history. This Halloween season, the armory is hosting a haunted house event.



8 Shanley Hotel

Investigated by Ghost Hunters, this building has been used as an inn and restaurant since it was built. Reportedly incredibly haunted, this building offers both private and public investigations. This Halloween, the Shanley is offering a special Halloween night investigation.



7 Naples Hotel

Built in 1895 by Jeff Brown, the hotel strives to convey the same atmosphere as when the hotel was originally open. Featured on Ghost Hunters, the hotel offers private investigations.



6 Fort Ticonderoga

Built in 1755, this fort saw fighting during the French and Indian War, as well as the Revolutionary War. As a result of this fighting, the fort is remarkably haunted, with ghost sightings being a regular event. Ghost tours are regularly offered during the summer.



5 Rapids Theatre

Located in Niagara Falls, this theatre was opened in 1921, and remains one of Niagara Falls’ oldest and historic buildings. The Rapids Theatre is also one of Niagara Falls most haunted buildings, with reports of footsteps, eerie voices, and apparitions. After appearing on Ghost Hunters, this building offers both public and private investigations



4 Sunnyside

Located in Sleepy Hollow, and home to Washington Irving, writer of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and creator of Ripp van Winkle, this museum is not only a tribute to Washington Irving’s life and career, but is also reported to be haunted. Some believe that Washington Irving’s spirit remains, and can be seen walking on the grounds. While not open for paranormal investigations, they do offer regular tours that offer access to the building and the grounds.



3 Hyde Hall

Featured on Ghost Hunters, this beautiful property features not only a view into the 19th century way of life, but also features ghosts, and a curse placed on the original family. Hyde Hall offers various types of investigations, both public and private, and offers candlelight ghost tours around Halloween



2 Hotel Utica

Located in Central New York, this old hotel has been home to many famous guests who stopped on their way through Utica. Some of them have never left. On Halloween 2015, the Hotel hosted Haunts and Legends Live, with an opportunity to investigate the off-limits 13th floor of this historic hotel, with the company of several Syfy Channel paranormal investigators.


1 The Buffalo Naval Yard

Home to two decommissioned naval cruisers, the USS Little Rock, and the USS Sullivans, and a retired submarine, the USS Croaker. The USS Sullivans is most famous for its association with the Sullivan Brothers, who were all killed while serving in the US military, and are reported to haunt their ship. Private tours are available, and a special October public investigation is taking place.




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