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The Ultimate Haunted Castle Road Trip through New York

Road tips can be fun as it’s the journey that is the most memorable and not just your destination. In the spirit of chasing some shadows and seeking out the creepiest and darkest locations you can visit, we’ve prepared the ultimate road trip for ghost hunters, skeptics and the adventurous. We even have it all mapped out for you.

Even if you’ve lived in New York your whole life or routinely visit there’s a very good chance that you haven’t seen or even heard of some of these locations and their haunting stories. Taking on a this road trip gives you the opportunity to see what New York has to offer from hauntings, to beautiful architecture and landscapes, to the surreal. There’s not a place on this trip that won’t make you stop in wonder. Grab your camera and a few adventurous friends (and maybe a ghost hunter or two ;-), make a good playlist and get ready for a trip that in just a few hours driving time will take you to the darkest corners of the earth, well, New York at least for now.


Bannerman Island

Beacon, NY Waterfront

Our trip begins at the Beacon Dock in Beacon, NY for a tour of Bannerman Castle on Pollepel Island in the Hudson River.

When New York State was first being colonized by the Dutch, Pollepel Island was reported to be haunted, and neither the Dutch nor the Native Americans in the region wanted to visit this island that was viewed as the land of spirits and goblins. Pollepel Island became a refuge for those fleeing from pursuers, simply because of the reputation the land had.

In 1901, Frank Bannerman, began building a replica Scottish Castle on the island. Bannerman had made his fortune selling military surplus and munitions, and by the late 1800s, he had accumulated so many weapons that New York City requested he find someplace else to store them. A tragic fire resulted in the detonation of the munitions on the island and the destruction of the castle.

Today, you can reach Pollepel Island and explore the remains of Bannerman Castle through Beacon Cruises and the Bannerman Castle website: http://www.bannermancastle.org/index.html


Wing’s Castle

717 Bangall Rd ~ Millbrook, NY

Heading north to Millbrook, NY brings us to Wing’s Castle. 

The creation of artists Peter and Toni Ann Wing. When Wing returned from Vietnam in 1969, he proposed to Toni Ann and in 1970 the building of a castle began. The castle is filled with many historic artifacts and the construction still continues to this day.

Due to its unusual nature the home has been featured on Extreme Homes on HGTV and on the History Channel. Today you can tour the castle home. The owners tell stories of unexplained events in and around the castle house—why Toni took an axe to a goat-headed artifact embedded in the castle wall; why trick-or-treaters never seem to venture past the jack-o-lantern at the driveway entrance and other curiosities.


Find out more about the castle: http://www.wingscastle.com/default.html


Spook Rock Road

401 State St ~ Hudson, NY

Continuing North to Hudson, NY we come to a street just outside the city by the Claverack Creek called Spook Rock Road.

A local legend account of has it that an Indian princess of great beauty ran off with her lover without her father’s blessing. In their flight the two youths paused to rest on a boulder in the creek. By breaking Indian tradition and religious laws they had greatly angered the tribe’s god, who upon seeing them at the rock caused a great flood which carried the lovers to their death.

The boulder and the spirits of the lovers came to rest along the banks of the stream near Spook Rock Road. The young maiden’s spirit supposedly haunts the spot to this day where some locals attest that at certain times of the year, a low moaning sound may be heard in the wind as it sweeps across the river from the Catskills.

Location: Spook Rock Road – Hudson – NY – 12534 – located off County Route 23B – Town of Greenport – Columbia County (just outside the city of Hudson).


Ghosts of the Yaddo Gardens

312 Union Ave ~ Saratoga Springs, NY

Heading North through Albany (although there are many opportunities for haunted excursions) we head to Saratoga Springs and the Yaddo Gardens.

Founded in 1900 by the financier Spencer Trask and his wife Katrina, herself a poet, Yaddo is an artists' community located on a 400-acre estate in Saratoga Springs, New York. Its mission is to nurture the creative process by providing an opportunity for artists to work without interruption in a supportive environment. Many report the presences of Native American spirits, Edgar Allan Poe, the Trask family and others.


Find out more about the gardens: http://www.yaddo.org/yaddo/GuidedTours.asp


The Knox Mansion

104 West 2nd Ave ~ Johnstown, NY

Heading west from Albany to the city of Johnstown, NY we come to the Knox Mansion.

Built in 1889 by the businessman, Charles Knox, who owned Knox Gelatine and the Knox Gelatine Factory which also resides in Johnstown. The mansion has 42 rooms, an elevator, a grand staircase, a solid lava ash fireplace which was an import from a castle in Italy, the castle which it is came from is unknown.

The mansion is believed by some to be haunted. Guests have said that the lights have flickered, lamps dropped, footsteps heard, voices heard, ghosts sighted, cold feelings felt, sheets having been pulled off, piano being played by itself (even though there is a player piano also in the billiard), and other phenomenon.

Children have reportedly seen the long since deceased gardener who apparently loved the company of children. Another rumor is a still-born baby that was reportedly buried beneath the house in one of a few dirt holes in the basement. This however has yet to be confirmed.


Learn more about the Knox Mansion: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Knox-Mansion-Historical-Foundation-Inc/1510464782566674


Beardslee Castle

 123 Old State Road ~ Little Falls, NY

Continuing west we come to Little Fall’s NY and Beardslee Castle.

Built in the 1860’s by Augustus Beardslee in Little Falls, the manor was designed to imitate Irish castles. It wasn’t until 1983 when owner Joe Casillo brought in a ghost hunter to investigate the manor was there a mention of the paranormal at the site. The ghost hunter captured strange voices on their recorder and promptly shared these findings with all of the local media. The accounts garnered attention for years until the manor burned for the second time in 1989.

Now after 28 years since the first investigation Beardslee Castle has become a staple of Central New York ghost stories with appearances on Ghost Hunters and many TV Shows.


Find Out More about Beardslee Castle: http://www.beardsleecastle.com/


The Overlook

55 Douglas St ~ Little Falls, NY 

Winding our way into Little Falls brings us high onto the hillside with ‘The Overlook’ Castle.

David H. Burrell hired architect Archimedes Russell in the late 1880’s to construct a home for him high on the hill in Little Falls. The home came to be known as ‘The Overlook.’ The castle-like stone structure was constructed in the Richardsonian Romanesque style with some 26 rooms including its own its own hydroelectric plant, elevator, indoor swimming pool and bowling alley.

Many legends tell of David H. Burrell haunting the Overlook, however, those that stay at the mansion frequently report the sounds of children in the halls and the voices of elderly women. Still others report footsteps and the feeling of being watched. Most frequently however, the sound of a little girl playing or crying can be heard. Could it be Burrell’s daughter that suffered from tuberculosis haunting the home?


Find out more about the Overlook: http://www.overlookmansion.com/


Herkimer Home

200 State Route 169 ~ Little Falls, NY

Heading south across the river in Little Falls brings us to the Herkimer Home Historic Site.

A Georgian-style mansion that was the home to courageous Revolutionary War hero, General Nicholas Herkimer. He completed construction of his mansion about 1764 in the Mohawk Valley frontier. General Herkimer’s place in history was assured in 1777 with the Battle of Oriskany.

There are multiple accounts of unusual sightings and sounds that still occur today. Reports of ghostly voices, footsteps and doors shutting are heard throughout the mansion. A tour guide has reported that a candlestick flew across the room. There is also a strange mist seen in the cemetery.


Find out more about Herkimer Home: http://www.herkimerhomeacademy.org/


Gelston Castle

980 Robinson Road ~ Mohawk, NY

Heading south from Little Falls brings us to Gelston Castle in Mohawk, NY.

Built between 1834 and 1836 by Harriet Douglas Crugar as a replica of a castle called Gelston in Scotland. When she died, she left the castle to her niece, Fanny Monroe (1824-1906), the grandniece of President James Monroe.

Owners have experienced being awakened by their bedroom lights suddenly turned on around 3 a.m., with the room filling with extreme cold. The current owner also reports what sounds like a chair moving out and then back again, then a few seconds pause, then it happens again. This has happened numerous times, and each time it lasts several minutes, or until he go upstairs to check it out. There have also been reports of a light going on inside the Castle before it fell into itself, even though there has not been electricity in the structure for decades.

A property caretaker during the 1980s told of strange happenings. Many nights, the caretaker would wake up to the sound of a dog on the property growling or barking. He would find the dog backed into a corner, growling and barking at something in front of it; something that the dog saw, but not the caretaker. EVPs have been captured on-site and investigators have indicated an abundance of paranormal activity on the property.

Today it currently functions as a premier concert and event destination, presenting world-class music and exhibitions. Find Out More: https://www.facebook.com/GelstonCastleEstate


Rome Capitol Theatre

220 W. Dominick St ~ Rome, NY

Continuing west brings us through Utica (where there more opportunities for haunting exploration) and into Rome where we can explore the Rome Capitol Theatre.

Rome Capitol Theatre

Built in 1927, the depression-era Capitol Theatre has a stylish art-deco design that seats 2,500 and boasts a Moller Organ in the orchestra pit. Paranormal occurrences date back more than 30 years with witnesses reporting a shadow figure of a man in the balcony, phantom organ music (despite the lack of a working organ until 2003), whispered conversations, opening doors, and even the sounds of an ongoing show late at night.


Find Out More about the Capitol Theatre here https://www.facebook.com/romecapitoltheatre


13 Curves

Cedarvale Road ~ Syracuse, NY

Continuing our trek west there’s always the opportunity to stop at Fort Stanwix or stop in Oneida at the Farnam Mansion before heading to the fabled 13 Curves road in Syracuse.

On a road in Marcellus, just outside Syracuse lies the famed road of 13 Curves. Reportedly haunted by the ghost of a woman killed on her wedding night, the folklore of this location takes many forms. Some report seeing a woman standing in the road, while others see her walking along the shoulder carrying a lantern. Others have reported seeing a woman in a blood-stained dress walking along the side of the road, sobbing.

Find Out More About The Legend: http://lite987.com/the-phantom-bride-of-13-curves-cny-paranormal/


Salmon River Lighthouse

5 Lake Rd ~ Pulaski, NY

Heading north through Syracuse gives us many more options to stop on some haunted excursions to explore the likes of the Landmark Theatre, the Erie Canal Museum the Doll Museum and more before heading to Pulaski and the Salmon River Lighthouse.

On September 1, 1837, the Federal Government purchased land the where the light now sits. The engineers' recommendations started the development of plans for a lighthouse complete with a Customs Office, and for the dredging of a channel along the south side of the estuary known as Selkirk Lake, nearly a mile upriver at the NY State Route 3 bridge.

The Selkirk Lighthouse, aka the Salmon River Lighthouse has seen many tragedies over the years as it has stood protecting the harbor. Many report the sounds of ghostly voices and phantom figures walking the grounds.

From here we’re just a short hop from Fort Ontario and many other haunted locations but it’s a great end to the road trip with an overnight stay at the Lighthouse and an amazing view of Lake Ontario.


Bonus: Boldt Castle & Singer Castle

If we continue north up 81 through Watertown and up to Alexandria Bay we can jump on a boat tour to take us over to the famed Bold Castle on Heart Island and Singer Castle.

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