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Haunted History Trail Launches

When we first launched our CNY Haunted History series with Lite 98.7 WLZW back in 2010 we knew that we wanted to not only help preserve the stories of our region but also draw attention to these historic sites and their often neglected history.

We began with just a few sites that we could routinely work with and establish a foundation for our preserving this haunted history. It was around this time that we encountered the Pensylvania State Tourism project dubbed "Haunted Lehigh Valley" (now 'Discover Lehigh Valley'). This was a state funded tourism project that listed all available paranormal locations in the Lehigh Valley in PA that had extensive history and were open to both public investigations and tours.

This was an outstanding new ideal for para-tourism. The paranormal sites were verified, recorded and their history was available for everyone.

We began working with a number of local sites in our region as well as establishing a relationship with Oneida County Tourism about Paranormal Tourism in Central New York. This new 'Para-Tourism' seemed to be gaining ground as we found new sites that would be interested in participating in a research project like the one in Pensylvania.

Over the past three years we have helped cultivate relationships within Central New York to establish a more organized sense of Para-Tourism with multiple sites and even networks with other investigators that would be available to help with in this sort of project.

With Lite 98.7 we sucessfully launched the 'Haunted Rails Ghost Train' in 2012 and continued in 2013 with the 'Haunted Capitol' where we able to bring Syfy Stars Josh Gates and Joe Chin to Central New York for a public lecture and investigation. In 2013 We also debuted our Chasing Shadows 101 class at Herkimer Community College.

In January we were contacted by our friends at Oneida County Tourism who requested information on what Para~Tourism sites and information we could provide for the new state wide Para-Tourism project for New York State, Haunted History Trail.

We're happy to announce that the haunted History Trail of New York has launched with 22 counties and multiple sites and audio tours available for many of those sites. Our research was used to generate the listings and audio tours/information for 7 sites currently.

After all of the investigations and work with our local sites we're happy to say Haunted History Trails is more than we could've expected. Make sure to swing on over to the trail and see if you know all of the sites.