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Little Sisters Inn At Herrings Haunted History Investigation

Working with the Carthage Free Library and the Four Rivers Historical Society, the Shadow Chasers put together the third annual Night of Paranormal History to help educate the public about ghost hunting and the history of the site.  For the First time the Little Sisters Inn at Herrings was investigated and hosted the night with even more activity than previous investigations as participants were able to experience the footsteps, phantom voices and shadow apparitions first hand.

The first mention of Herrings Inn is about 1900. However, she said, the building may predate this by a few years.

The village and the inn took their name from William Prosser Herring, a paper manufacturer from Watertown who built the mill on the Black River. Herring first built a mill in the village of Black River in 1887 and later the mill in Herrings where the village developed around the mill. The Jefferson Paper Company was started in 1894 and closed in 1965.

Likely the inn was used by the mill as a boardinghouse for its workers.


Many have believed the inn was a stagecoach stop however, evidence and chronology disaggree.

Not surprisingly, many guests of the Herrings Inn, now called the Little Sisters Inn at Herrings have reported strange unexplained phenomena while staying there, ranging from seeing shadow figures down the hall to lights turning on and off by themselves. Others have witnessed apparitions, shadow figures, ghostly voices, and strange sounds and sensations.

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