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Chasing Shadows 101 - Fall Session 2015 HCCC

The Shadow Chasers are proud to announce that our introductory class into paranormal investigations will be back again starting September 18th. The class is titled Chasing Shadows 101, and will be held at Herkimer County Community College, in Herkimer, NY. 

Herkimer County Community College will be offering Chasing Shadows 101, a noncredit paranormal investigation course.

Taught by TV ghost hunting personalities, Chasing Shadows 101 will cover a variety of topics, and is designed to provide an in depth look at the history of paranormal investigation, the Psychic approach, Paranormal Science, how to use equipment, how to conduct an investigation, evidence analysis, Spirit Photography and more. Chasing Shadows 101 is designed to provide attendees with a strong foundation in paranormal investigation methods that can be used during the courses' two unique investigation opportunities.

The fee is $89. To register, call 866-0300, ext. 8251 or visitwww.herkimer.edu/pay-ce.

The class consists of 8 classes of two hours each, starting on September 18, and running until October 28. The cost of the class is $89, and registration is conducted through HCCC's website.and registration is conducted through HCCC's website.