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Herkimer's Haunted Crossroads Investigation Results

The 7th annual Haunted History investigation, Herkimer’s Haunted Crossroads Investigation had explorers investigating the legendary 1834 jail house where murderer Chester Gillette was held and Roxalana Druse was hanged as well as The Eckler Building, Doctor suiter’s 1860 medical practice, and the historic 1860 courthouse where Chester Gillette was found guilty of murder.

Attendees had the chance to investigate the haunted sites with Psychic Carmen Reed of “A Haunting In Connecticut”, and Gettysburg Ghost Gals from “Ghost Detectives” and the NY Shadow Chasers. The night opened with Carmen taking the Courtroom and the Gettysburg Ghost Gals setting up in the historic 1834 herkimer jail.

The 7th annual Haunted History Investigation was an outstanding success with more than 200 attendees and most reporting some form of activity, whether it was unusual noises, EVPs caught on recorders, strange anomalies in photos or weird responses from ITC gear. (Many responses, and attendee photos have been shared via Facebook) It was also a successful fundraiser for the Herkimer Historical Society helping with repairs to the jail and the continued preservation of Herkimer's History.