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Remsen Stone Meeting House Investigation

The Remsen Stone Meeting House was initially a church built by early Welsh settlers to the Remsen Area. At the time when the Stone Meeting House was built, it was one of a multitude of Welsh churches. Now, it is one of four remaining Welsh churches.

source: Flickr. The Captain @ Vertiblog
Currently, the Stone Meeting House is home to the Remsen-Steuben Historical Society. The building is home to one of the largest Welsh history collections in the United States, and still has many of the original furnishings from when it was a church, including the wooden pews, the alter, and a pump organ.

The Shadow Chasers initially investigated the Stone Meeting House as part of a series of public investigations in conjunction with Townsquare Media. Despite the large amount of people in the building, there were multiple reports of curious events reported both nights the Meeting House was investigated.

The first night, multiple photographs were taken of ectoplasm on the grounds of the Stone Meeting House. One of the photos, pictured below, appears to take the form of a man wearing an old-fashioned outfit.

taken by Lindsay Pallas

Evidence also reported during the first investigation were high EMF readings that seemed to appear and then be gone soon after.

The second investigation took place the following week. Again, there was a large amount of people, but reports were still made of activity experienced. One such experience took place in front of the entire group. One investigator was wielding the 'Ghost Meter', a piece of equipment that lets out a loud beeping noise when near high energy. At one spot adjacent to the road the meter repeatedly went off. Because the investigator was near street-lights, those had to be ruled out. After much investigating, it was demonstrated that the meter only went off in a six foot high by two foot square area, roughly the size of a person. If the meter was moved towards the street light, the readings would die off. Moving the meter toward nearby power lines also indicated that the meter was not picking them up.

At the same time the meter was going off, a member of the Shadow Chasers, Courtinie Forbes,  was using the Full-Spectrum camera, taking pictures of the general area the readings were coming from. When reviewing the pictures, there was a series of 6 pictures taken of the same area, but with a glowing section of the picture that moves in location from each picture, with the only source of light ( a streetlight) remaining consistently stationary.

Another interesting observation made at the Stone Meeting House involved the collection of Bibles housed in the second floor collection room. When an EMF meter was held up to the books in that room, the Bibles gave off a measurable level of EMF compared to the other books, even when there was no reason for them to be doing so. Paper does not hold an electrical charge, so there should be no reason for the Bibles to give those readings. Could this be a demonstration of the effect that belief has on the environment? 

The Stone Meeting House is a building that has a diverse history. From its early years as a church created by Welsh settlers to bring a little bit of their old country into their new home, to its current use as the home of the Historical Society, the Stone Meeting House is a place to go to learn about history. If you're lucky, you may learn that history from a firsthand source.