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Tascam DR - 40 and RVPR MkII Review

Tascam DR - 40

The Tascam DR - 40 is a solid low-cost field recorder that features some very useful features for paranormal research purposes. The ability to Dual record tracks, create a 'safe' track at 12db lower while recording a primary track, Record upto 4 Channels at one time and the ability to mix and balance recording lines(with firmware update) all make this recorder extremely efficient for paranormal research purposes.

Formal Review:



The Tascam DR-40 and Zoom H4n along with certain other field recorders permits the creation of a device based off of a device similar to the ROUNTREE VEE PEE RECORDER, and similar devices created by Paul Browning.

Using the XLR input jacks and two dynamic microphones it is possible to record using dynamic, electret and even EMF input for capturing all simultaneously on separate tracks that are synchronized. This experimental method of recording drastically increases the chances of capturing EVPs.

If you were wondering just what the difference is between Dynamic and Electret Condenser Microphones is.... [Read More Here]


Digital Dowsing's EMF - ITC Review

The EMF-ITC is a new exclusive device from Digital Dowsing that is both an EMF meter with high sensitivity and an ITC device that is features Environmental Communications Modes. 

From Digital Dowsing:

"...We didn’t want to make another EMF meter ! there are already hundreds out there many are VERY good. We wanted to make an EMF meter that was geared for Paranormal use. That’s why the LED scale can be changed or you can ignore EMF below a certain level. This device has 5 different select screens just to display EMF so it can be tailored to the user or the circumstances. We added ITC to allow users to experiment more ! Simply put nothing happens on demand. ITC takes time, trial and error. That’s why we have added an Ovilus Mode to experiment with text driven purely by changes in the environment. This device DOES NOT use any type of random generator ! The YES NO mode is an ITC approach for those that want defined actions. The EMF level is sampled and a floating average is computed. In this Mode a – represents no response, to get a YES the EMF must increase by the EMF percentage selected. To say NO the EMF must decrease below the average by the same percentage creating a measured response ! EMF drawing mode is perhaps the strangest thing we have ever done, Channels 3 and 4 are sample they are reacting to simple static electricity, EMF or Ionization. The Values are drawn directly to the screen as pixels. Sometimes the images are simple lines or almost all dark or light other times Numbers, letters figures ect. We started experimenting with this in the first beta versions of the Paranormal Puck, Though we never released the drawing mode till this device was built."

In reality, the EMF-ITC serves as a strong EMF meter that is capable of reporting frequencies for the EMF, ION counter, Tri-Axis modes, Peaking and a really innovative feature... EMF Mapping of the immediate environment.

While the EMF- Draw mode is initally hard to sort out, once you're used to it, you can identify every EM source in the environment and the general radiation patterns. This is very effecient for getting a general idea of where sources are located before conducting a full survey.

The ITC portion of the device... 


Need to know more.... [EMF-ITC Manual]


RF Ghost Finder Wireless Detector

A review of the RF Ghost Finder for signal tracking and hidden camera detection. Re-purposed for paranormal research, the RF Ghost Finder features long-range and short-range RF detection with an audible tone and pulsing light. Inaccurate and cheap, the device is not very useful.