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Tascam DR - 40 and RVPR MkII Review

Tascam DR - 40

The Tascam DR - 40 is a solid low-cost field recorder that features some very useful features for paranormal research purposes. The ability to Dual record tracks, create a 'safe' track at 12db lower while recording a primary track, Record upto 4 Channels at one time and the ability to mix and balance recording lines(with firmware update) all make this recorder extremely efficient for paranormal research purposes.

Formal Review:



The Tascam DR-40 and Zoom H4n along with certain other field recorders permits the creation of a device based off of a device similar to the ROUNTREE VEE PEE RECORDER, and similar devices created by Paul Browning.

Using the XLR input jacks and two dynamic microphones it is possible to record using dynamic, electret and even EMF input for capturing all simultaneously on separate tracks that are synchronized. This experimental method of recording drastically increases the chances of capturing EVPs.

If you were wondering just what the difference is between Dynamic and Electret Condenser Microphones is.... [Read More Here]