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Investigating Remsen With The Paranormal Mystery Tour

On October 28th Oneida County Tourism helped bring the Paranormal Mystery Tour 2014 to Remsen with Brian Cano from Haunted Collector and Chris Mancuso of SCARED! to the Remsen Stone Meeting House "Capel Cerrig" in Remsen.

The Paranormal Mystery tour, hosted by Brian J. Cano of Syfy Channel's Haunted Collector and Chris Mancuso founder of Scared! kicked off at 8PM with evveryone meeting and briefly chatting before Chris and Brian led everyone into the sanctuary to begin the night proper.


Brian and Chris kicked off the night with an informal talk about SCARED!'s investigating philosopy of "The Three Pillars." 

They explained that while Brian had been on Syfy's Haunted Collector with John Zaffis and investigated many interesting sites, the show was edited for entertainment and that SCARED! had been investigating for many years before that, beginning in 2002 with just a few cameras. Together Brian Cano, Chris Mancuso and Lisa Ann formed a more cohesive approach to investigating.

The Three Pillars that they believe makes up a much more cohesive approach to investigating the unknown with a Scientist (Brian Cano), a Skeptic (Chris Mancuso) and a Psychic (Lisa Ann). This approach to investigating offers a much more cohesive approach offering a system of checks and ballances for every investigation.

After explaining a bit more about methods and approaching the paranormal, Brian and Chris led everyone back to museum and began passing out equipment for everyone to use. Sharring a variety of EM Meters and detectors, everyone set about surveying the Remsen Stone Meeting House to establish a baseline for the site so any anomalies could be verified.


After establishing the baselines and conducting a brief site survey, Brian and Chris led participants in an EVP session in the sanctuary where they encouraged everyone to particpate with creative questions to ask during the session.

During the EVP session a couple of EVPs were captured and everyone heard a few phantom noises from the upper balcony and even inside the sanctuary.

Attempting to continue the communication, Brian broke out a new piece of technology, the SB 11 Spirit Box by Gary Gaulka. This version of the Spirit Box utilizes multiple channel switches and even sweeps in two directions at the same time. The session in the balcony met with some results but the session in the field near the former carriage house met with much clearer success prior to being driving back inside by the weather.

Chris and Brian finished the night by explaining their most dynamic and unnerving case that they experienced and why they continue hunting.




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