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Top Reasons Being A Psychic Can Suck

Over the past few years, I’ve been opening myself up more and more spiritually. I’ve discovered I love being a psychic and talking to loved ones that have passed on. However, sometimes in my circle of friends and family, being the psychic can suck. Why you may ask? Being able to see the future and talk to the dead isn’t always a gift, it can be a curse. Here’s a few reasons why being the psychic with your friends and family can suck.

1 - Not Always Delivering Good News

Being a psychic means you see just as much bad news as good for people. We tend to only want to focus on the positives, and make people happy. However, it isn’t always that easy. Sometimes we see a friend losing a job, a friend having a pet die, or seeing an accident that can’t be avoided in their future. If you’re a psychic and your friends ask for advice on a situation, be ready to deliver bad news if you need too. It won’t be easy, but lying saying things will be fine isn’t the right answer.

2 - Not Being Able To Make Them Money

I’ve had friends joke with me that they want the lotto numbers, or know whose going to win the big sporting event. Guess what? It’s not that easy to find out. Don’t you think if I knew that I’d be sitting on some beach in the Bahamas? If you’re not meant to come into a large stash of money, your guides and mine are going to provide information like this to me. I always joke when I’m in a casino that my spirit guide want’s me to play “this special machine” over others. Personally I think it’s because I love to gamble, and has nothing to do with winning money.

3 - Going To Their Home And Knowing It’s Haunted When They Don’t

This can also apply to hotels, or any other location. I love going into a building and feeling a strange energy in the air, while others around aren’t aware of it what so ever. I stayed at a hotel room over the summer where something kept waking me up all night and just staring at me. How creepy right? If you’re going away for the weekend you aren’t going to destroy the party by saying a ghost is in the room. Also, you won’t go into their home and ask if someone died their by hanging themselves…. You’d seem nuts.

4 - Trying To Connect To Loved Ones For Them

Think about it: it’s either your friends or your family. You know them extremely well. I don’t do readings for my family because I KNOW my family. I feel that my credibility isn’t there when I can connect with our grandmother, or great aunt. Also, they may want to ask something that I never knew about, and my feelings can get in the way. This generally happens for family vs friends. However, it isn’t easy talking to friends about a loved one who passed on. As a friend, you feel sad for them too.

5 - Going To Public Places And Feeling Compelled To Do Readings

Sometimes when I have to sit in a waiting room, some complete stranger will feel the urge to talk to me about a loved one who passed on. This can get weird when friends are around. I know this person is opening up to me because their loved one knows I can talk to them, but at the same time, you’re still with your friends and it can look weird. I had this happen while waiting for a tire change once, and luckily I was able to talk to the woman and get some answers. I went to a psychic show our office put on a few months back, and I had a hard time sitting in the room. I felt like I was sitting in a room where 5,000 spirits were screaming “Pick me, talk to me!”. When the main psychic at the show wouldn’t pick them to communicate with someone, they decided to walk down the isle and sit next to me and try to get me to talk to them. I had a massive migraine after the show.


At the end of the day, I love being a medium. My friends and family share in my passion, so that’s always a very nice thing. Every job has it’s pluses and minuses. I’ll take all these minuses I listed for all the great positive things that I’m able to do.

[This article was written by Dave Wheeler, a co-owner of Full Moon Psychics. You can follow him on Twitter and @DJDaveWheeler and contact him directly for information on receiving a reading.]

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