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New Ghost Hunting Technology For 2015

As time passes more and more technology is released that not only can be co-opted for ghost hunting purposes but also quite a bit of new technology is actually designed with ghost hunting in mind. This year is not only set to help paranormal researchers in innovative ways but is also looking to be significantly cost effective for teams for a change.

There are a number of new innovations to current technology this year with new camera options for investigations as we see a rise in POV (Point Of View) cameras for ghost hunting as well parnoramic cameras and new cost effective replacements for those costly Thermal Imaging cameras that investigators covet so much. The greatest innovation for the year is likely to come in the form of simplifying the amount of equipment.

POV Cameras

As POV (Point Of View) and Wearable Cameras for adrenaline junkies come down in price we've begun to see a flood of modified cameras for ghost hunting purposes. The first of these are already adopted and modded HD Spy Glasses or Camera Glasses that are available from a number of overseas manufacturers and have been modified for "Full Spectrum" or Night Vision.

While initial versions of these glasses are far from good or even practical, these are offering a hands-free option for investigators. Why break out the camcorder and all of the heavy cases when all you need is a small case for your sunglasses or since you replace the lenses a pair of safety glasses with a built-in 5MP camcorder to record in HD. Current models are modified sold by Para~Hunter but not many are in use. The current problems stem from poor battery life, miserable resolution in low light and terrible audio from the built in microphones in these models however, for the price point they are effective.

 Yes many investigators want to make the ghost vision glasses from 13 Ghosts a real thing.



While many like to modify cheap wearable camcorders for night vision and 'full spectrum' using the cheapest models like the glasses described above, some have taken to modifying the top of the line consumer helmet cams like GoPro and Zoom for ghost hunting as well. While these are much higher quality they are also subject to almost 3X the price as their modified competitors.

Whether ghost hunting glasses or full spectrum helmet cameras, it seems that ghost hunting POV cameras are the direction the community is moving in for 2015.


Panoramic Cameras 

Certainly, one of the most difficult steps during an investigation is setting up cameras in the right position to comver as much of the site as possible. There are many ways that this is solved, with more cameras, higher angles, wide angle lenses and even setting up cameras covering the cameras. It seems like technology has jumped up to meet this demand. 




Thermal Imaging Cameras For Ghost Hunting

Thermal Imaging cameras are notoriously expensive especially when all you're going to use it for is ghost hunting. Paranormal research isn't exactly a lucrative venture. Some teams ask for donations, kickstarter it or even 'borrow' theirs from someone on the team who uses on for work. These Flir cameras can range in price from $800 to more than $20,000. That's just a bit pricey for your average investigator.

New technology has gradually helped the cost come down but this one also snuck in under the radar late last year. Both the Flir One and Seek Thermal have come out with adapters to your smartphone. These two options turn your smartphone into a thermal imaging camera perfect for ghost hunting as they come in under $250 total. While the distance and resolution aren't going to win any awards these are an easy replacement for the costly thermal imaging camera for ghost hunting.



Not to be outdone, Tascam and Zoom have released a series of adapters to turn your smartphone into the perfect audio recorder that gives you all of the professional sound and controls at a fraction of the cost.



Yes, cellphone and smartphone ghost hunting is a thing thanks to these particular components now if we actually had an adapter to measure EMF with your phone...


 ALL-In-One Ghost Hunting Equipment

 While many researchers have attempted to put together a cost-effective solution for ghost hunting, something that can measure EMF, Record audio, record data, and even act as a Spirit Box. The Dark Matter Energy Meter tried this last year but the cost was still too high. At a whoping $400 for a single axis EMF meter and voice recorder it didn't last long on the market. This year GhostArk is attempting to be that piece of equipment with a dash of Tron thrown in to make usage in the dark more effecient.

All that exists of the device currently is a number of 3D renderings and a bpile of components on a workbench somewhere. The first prototype is set to be released in May and the manufacturer is set to start taking orders in June for a September shipping date.

If the Ghost Ark delivers on it's promises we could easily see a new world of paranormal research and ghost hunting. Investigators would only need the GhostArk, their smartphone with an attachment and some glasses to investigate any site....well, with a hefty supply of charger packs.

What do you think looks the best for ghost hunting tech this year?

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