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Haunted Herkimer Investigations


While Herkimer was established in the early 1700s some events have established the “Historic Four Corners” as one of the most haunted regions in the Mohawk Valley. The Four Corners are a series of buildings built at approximately the same time and consist of Suiter Building Museum, Herkimer County Jail, Herkimer County Courthouse, and the Herkimer Reformed Church

In the 1880s Roxalana Druce brutally murdered her husband after his abuse became too much. She was incarcerated at the Herkimer Jail, tried at the Old Herkimer Courthouse and hung. Her rocking chair is now one of the featured exhibition pieces at the Suiter Building. Museum. In 1907 Chester Gillette was placed on trial for the murder of Grace Brown, incarcerated at the jail, tried at the courthouse and sentenced to death in Auburn. These are just a few of events that have tied the buildings together over the years.

While there are countless legends about the hauntings of the Herkimer Jail there are more actual reports of ghostly activity from the surrounding four corners buildings associated with Druce and Gillette trials ranging from Chester Gillette’s Attorney wandering the halls of the courthouse to Roxalana’s rocking chair rocking by itself. When there is an event significant enough to cause a haunting it does not mean that it is restricted to the site. Historical events can affect entire regions.

Recently, the Shadow Chasers investigated the Eckler, Suiter and Courthouse buildings on-behalf of the Herkimer Historical Society. While the historical society was uncertain of any results that would be obtained from the Eckler and especially the Suiter building, since it was never a residence, they were surprised by the results.




While the Suiter Building was never a residence it was an active doctors office and it was where autopsies were performed for cases that were going to trial next door at the courthouse. The doctor's testimony was imperative to the Herkimer Court especially in the Roxalana Druce and Chester Gillette trials. The results from this investigation included a number of EVPs that could be associated with the trials as well as one of a small child that reacted to one of the static cameras.

The Herkimer Courthouse was a paramount case with legends of apparitions that stalked the courtroom re-enacting the Grace Brown murder committed by Chester Gillette. While the courthouse is still in-use by the Herkimer County Sheriffs Department, the accounts of haunting activity still abounds. Personal Accounts from deputies and court-workers include seeing the apparition of Chester Gillette's attorney walking the halls, moving objects, phantom footsteps and even the sounds of a trial replaying in the courtroom.

During the investigation we managed to capture a fleeting figure in a photo but more importantly in addition to a number of EVPs of voices and even what sound like the sounds of a trial we managed to capture the reported shadow apparition in the courtroom that walks from chamber doors to the judges' bench before turning back and quickly 'folding down and away.'

 The Shadow Chasers are working with Herkimer Historical to raise money for the preservation of these historic sites and give others a chance to see what they can capture at these sites.

June 24-25 7PM
Join the Shadow Chasers and Herkimer Historical for an investigation of the Herkimer Courthouse, Eckler and Suiter Buildings.

Use the latest equipment and see what you can catch!
Tickets are $25 limit 30 People
Contact Herkimer Historical for Tickets
(315) 866-6413
herkimerhistory@yahoo.comWeb Site: www. rootsweb.ancestry.com/~nyhchs/